Overhead Powerline Equipment

Tiger Lifting Solutions offers a comprehensive range of high-quality overhead powerline equipment designed to meet the diverse needs of the industry. Our cutting-edge products are engineered to provide safe and efficient solutions for the installation, maintenance, and repair of power transmission and distribution lines. From specialized lifting devices and clamps to insulated tools and equipment, we have carefully crafted our offerings to ensure maximum performance and reliability in challenging work environments. Our overhead powerline equipment is built with precision and adheres to stringent safety standards, enabling workers to carry out their tasks with confidence and minimize risks. Whether it’s lifting heavy loads, securely gripping conductors, or insulating against electrical hazards, Tiger Lifting Solutions provides the essential tools to support the smooth and reliable operation of powerline infrastructure.

  • Pilot wire ropes
  • running blocks
  • Fibre stepladders
  • Self Gripping Clamps
  • Press crimper
  • Roller over drum jacks
  • Head body